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The Birth of Bootsy

Hi I’m Bootsy, a self-taught graphic designer and full time coffee addict. I’ve been a visual artist since I was a wee little one and recently made the move into being a full time creator of eccentric pop art when adulting became too much.


The birth of Bootsy happened in a moment of self reflection —a stark realization of life's regrettable decisions, the squandering of precious and fleeting time and the painful repercussions of neglect and isolation perpetuated by a toxic 9-5 routine.


With an immediate need to return to the innocence, imagination and child-like wonder for life, a rainbow filled bomb was set off, and the freedom overspill came and swept me away.


After shedding the negative real-world mental and physical influences, I took my place as the conductor of a colorful, vibrant, positive, and abundance filled roller coaster..


I now pursue to frame (pun intended) my life’s experiences, the good and the bad, through the lens of conceptually whimsical and fluorescent filled pop-art. Bootsy is the pursuit  of a life doing what brings me joy.


P.S. I saved you a seat on the rainbow rollercoaster of abundance. Climb aboard!. 


Bootsy’s takeaway: The key to be free is within me :)

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